The Baked Bear

I went here on a weekday in the evening around 8:30pm, it wasn’t busy. The place was very clean with several tables and chairs. As soon as you walk in, you see their logo on the wall and a case of delicious cookies in front of you.


I got a cookie sandwich.. M&M cookie + funfetti cookie with baked bear (cake batter, brownie and fudge) ice cream and rolled in brownie bits for and extra 50 cents. The cookies were soft and chewy, they didn’t get all hard from the ice cream.The flavor of the ice cream was very flavorful. Neither the cookies or ice cream are anything gourmet, but they still were made from quality ingredients and were fresh!


Prices are good too! $1 for a cookie, $1.95 for an ice cream scoop and $3.50 for a cookie sandwich.


Although this dessert is delicious, let me tell you, this is a sugar overload! You will definitely need to pace yourself.  I could not finish it in one sitting.  I really love how the place was created; just a couple of friends who wanted to do something yummy and fun together. Its always a good feeling to be supporting a small business.

They have a couple locations in San Diego:

Carmel Mountain– 11640 Carmel Mountain Road

Carmel Valley– 5950 Village Center Loop Road

Carlsbad– 7610 Via Campanile, Suite 142

Pacific Beach– 4516 Mission Blvd, Suite C

Petco Park– 100 Park Boulevard

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