Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

This place was just like a dream. The Phi Phi Islands are incredible! The white sand beaches, amazing food and gorgeous views are to die for. If you look at a map, follow Thailand’s long leg of land stretching down to Malaysia and you’ll find the Phi Phi Islands. They are located to the west of the “knee” in the Andaman Sea. Ko Phi Phi Don is the larger of the two islands and has hotels and restaurants, while the other is only accessible by boat for a day tour. Ko Phi Phi Don is home to several dozen restaurants and even more reggae bar and coffee shops. There are no cars on the island. The only way to get arounf the island is by longtail boat which is a fun experience in itself!  If you are looking for a beach where you can play Gilligan’s Island, this is it.

view holiday

I spent 4 nights on this beautiful island. I stayed 2 nights at the Holiday inn which has bungalows on its own private beach and then 2 nights on Long Beach near Tonsai Pier. Both places were incredible and had their own highlights.

The Holiday Inn is on a secluded side of the island and while there, you pretty much stay on the property. There are a few local restaurants on the side of the resort but the resort itself had 2 pools, access to sit right on the beach, snorkel, kayak, and had 2 restaurants. I felt that this hotel is ideal for a couples romantic getaway.


The Paradise Bungalows that I stayed in on Long Beach were fun and had a lot to do. There are about 6 other hotels/ bungalows on this beach. Tonsai Pier is only about a 20 minute or so hike. In town, there are shops and many places to eat. There is more of a nightlife feel here at night with clubs but during the day there are a lot of shopping and food stalls. We ate at Anna’s in town and it was quite delicious. I would highly recommend. Most of our meals we ate at the restaurant in front of our Paradise Bungalows Hotel. They had some very good Thai food and some amazing smoothies! My favorite was the dragon fruit, lemon, and banana smoothie.

While on long beach, we hiked towards town a ways and stopped on the beach and took a 10 minute longtail boat ride for 500bht to monkey beach. While we were there, my brother had a backpack on and 2 monkeys scratched him, so make sure not to bring anything with you besides a camera on the beach. It was very cool though to be able to be so close to these wild monkeys.

I absolutely fell in love with this place! I cannot wait to go back to paradise. My heart remains in Thailand.

❤ Miranda


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