La Jolla Cove

Having lived in San Diego my entire life, I still can’t get over how absolutely beautiful La Jolla Cove is. It is one of my favorite places in San Diego. I try to go to La Jolla Cove as often as I can whether it is for brunch, snorkeling or a fun walk along the beach. It is a beautiful picturesque cove surrounded by seals, the beach and cliffs. It’s a great area to snorkel, people watch, or relax.
la jolla cove beach
There is not much of a sandy beach along the cove. It is quite rocky but the plus side is that during low tide, you can walk along the rocks and see the tide pools. Be careful on the rocks though, they can get slippery.

la jolla tidepools

The cove is beautiful and serene. You can sit above the cove and watch some surfers and body boarders but the best part is definitely the sea lions. Watching them swim in the ocean and enjoy the pleasures of beach life was mesmerizing.

The entire downtown La Jolla area is surrounded by beautiful shops and great restaurants and there’s a large park in front of the ocean as well as many tide pools further down the beach. It remains one of my favorite places on the planet.


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