Hotel Del Coronado

The Hotel Del Coronado is one of my favorite places in San Diego!


The Hotel Del Coronado is one of the most beautiful hotels that I have been to. This place is rich in history and is actually much older than I had thought (around since 1888).

hotel del entrance

Back in the day Marilyn Monroe did a film here.  Other celebrities and presidents have stayed here as well.  Interestingly, I also learned the hotel is said to be haunted (by a past guest that committed suicide… Kate Morgan)!

I love to come here as it is very romantic to watch the sunset and grab a drink by the beach.

beach hotel del view

The parking at the hotel is very expensive. I would suggest that you find a spot on the street nearby.

They have a few shops to visit while you are there:
*Mootime Creamery
*Spreckels Sweets and Treats
*The Blue Octopus
*Est. 1888

Around the holidays, the hotel is gorgeously decorated with a large Christmas tree in the lobby as the focal point. They even have an ice skating rink that is right next to the beach during the holidays.

❤ Miranda

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