Hacienda De Vega

This charming little Mexican restaurant is tucked away right off the Centre City Pkwy exit in Escondido. It is in the back of an old Spanish style home that have been converted to a restaurant.


When you walk up to the house, you will be greeted at the hostess stand. From there, you will be escorted back to your table in the back courtyard area of the home. All of the tables surround a pretty pond with a waterfall. If there is a wait, you can walk back to their cocktail lounge area in the back.


Their drinks here are my favorite! I always end up getting the mango mojito. It’s so refreshing! Another favorite is their house margarita and if you are feeling adventurous, try it in peach. A favorite appetizer here is the queso fundido. You cannot go wrong with this one! You are served a sizzling bowl of melted cheese and a basket of warm tortillas as well as a bowl of guacamole. The queso fundido has 4 options: plain, poblano, mushroom or chorizo. They are all great choices!


For the entrees, I normally go for the chicken or shrimp fajitas. The seasoning on the fajitas is some of the best i’ve had. The rest of their entrees are good as well. I particularly like their Caesar salad. The food here isn’t the best food i’ve ever had, but the ambiance and overall experience is definitely worth a visit!

❤ Miranda

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