Cordiano Winery

I came to this winery for a bite to eat the other weekend. Its not far from my house and it had been recommended to me by a few friends. Cordiano is perhaps the most beautiful winery of all the ones in San Diego. The winery’s spectacular views, friendly staff, delicious wood fired pizzas and decent wine.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 4.13.16 PM
Although the wines at Cordiano didn’t knock my socks off, It was still worth the trip up there for the views and the pizza!  The red wines here seemed less bold than others I have had in the area. The wine is reasonably priced and if you buy a glass, they give you a generous pour. The bartenders were phenomenal and really know the wines well!

I had a chance to talk to the winemaker who is from Sicily. He is extremely nice and friendly! You can really tell how much he loves going around to some of the tables and talking to the customers. The place actually feels quite homey like you are sitting in the back of his family vineyard in Italy!

The pizzas here are great!  They are made in a brick pizza oven right on the patio. One pizza could definitely feed two people, but if you’re hungry, you may be able to eat a whole one all by yourself.  I got the margherita pizza and is was really good.

I would suggest stopping by Cordiano Winery if you have a chance. The best time is to come right before sunset!

Correct hours for this place are: Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00 AM-8:00PM

❤ Miranda

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