Bangkok, Thailand

I recently went on an amazing trip to Thailand for 2 weeks! I instantly fell in love with this country. The food, vibrant colors and friendly people made my trip unforgettable. During this trip, I even contemplated moving there!

I started my adventures in Bangkok, Thailand. Although this is pretty much just a city, if you know where to go, you can experience the magic of Thailand. We started out our day at Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha Temple). This place was unbelievable! The amount of detail on each structure was incredible. Each design was made out of small tiles intricately placed to create a gorgeous visual display.

reclining buddhatile wat pho wat pho

The next day, we woke up at 4:30 and headed to a monastery about 2 hours outside of the city of Bangkok.  At the monastery we gave an offering to the monks of food and played with the tigers, who have grown up at the monastery and are a part of the tiger temple program there. The monks who run the sanctuary are in the process of raising money for a nature reserve in the hope that they could eventually be released.

Playing with the tigers, feeding them, and giving them a bath was an experience of a lifetime! These tigers are such amazing creatures and I feel fortunate to be able to interact with them so closely.

walking tigerbathing tigersfeeding tiger  playing with tiger

After the tiger temple, we headed to an elephant camp by the river. When we got here, we each hopped onto an elephant and rode it bareback to the river. In the river, the elephants filled their trunks up with water and sprayed us. My elephant grabbed me with its trunk and would curl me up and then trow me into the river. It was an interesting experience for sure! I loved that we got to interact and play with the elephants rather than just riding them on some path in the city.

riding an elephant elephant

Although I did not feel there was a lot to do in the city of Bangkok, I would highly making the trip here for a couple days to experience the tigers and elephants!

❤ Miranda

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